Pear Tree Publications

Below are pictures which make me think of Alan Partridge… these are my contributions to the Facebook Group:-

I saw this and it made me think of Alan Partridge. (Mat Dolphin and Stephen Wall).

I’ve got 100 Cows…

Dan’s a Fantastic Man…

Would anybody like some Sugar Puffs?

Not my words Carol, the words of Top Gear Magazine…

Im having an attack of the flakes again…

3 Partridge moments in 5 short minutes….

1. There’ll be no telephone Cluedo today….

2. A game – isn’t the world a better place knowing this exists…

3. And just 15 feet away – Knowing Me Morten Harket…..

“I don’t like big feet, reminds me of gammon”

Peartree Publications

I know for a fact Martin Lewis got two power showers out of them.

I opted to keep my shoes on (This is Dundee)


I’ve been eating a lot of Toble-grr-hone….

That’s the genius of it’s location!

So where is the Spice Museum?

I was trying to access “Driving Miss Daisy”.


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