The Cats of Povey House

A Poem by Arthur.

Beware the cats of the Povey household.

That is what every young mouse is told.

Speed of lightening, strength of thunder.

I’ll tell you why in case you wonder.

Madge is mysterious, little is known

Other than she lived in the Povey home.

Our theories might be right, hopefully wrong.

But we won’t know because now she’s gone.

If that was scary, prepare to scream.

There’s a deadly addition to the cat team.

He was so good he moved to a farm.

With Mortimer around it’s never calm.

His sister, wiser than an owl.

Even dogs shudder when she’s on the prowl.

Her name may be cute, but don’t be a fool.

If you anger Mouse she will be cruel.

Willow does not weep, she watches the skies.

Staring at birds with beady eyes.

She lives on top of giant towers.

Now even crows get nightmare hours.

But her brother Atticus is the worst of all.

He’s worse than a lion when he begins to maul.

He’s extremely cute, without a doubt.

But dare to stroke him and he’ll take your eye out.

Avoid this house while you have the chance

as they’ll destroy you if they get one glance.

Remember my words, they are true.

If you visit the cats, it’s the end of you.

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