Elke’s Sponsored Read

Bless her, as Arthur has put a couple of things on the blog, Elke would like to share here idea to help out the public sector in it’s time of need… an opportunity for the private sector i.e. ME, to give something back…. So Elke and Mummy have given this to me…

Elke’s Sponsored Read – October 2010

This term at school, me and my classmates have not been able to borrow reading books to read at home every night. As there are lots of us and not as many books we have to share.

This has made it difficult for us to read every night.

If there were a few more school books, my friends and I would be able to practice our reading more at home.

I thought it might be nice if we all had a few more books to share and so I have decided to try and raise some money to buy another set. (As well as asking Daddy to part with his hard earned cash, Mummy is going to approach the local supermarkets too).

I have decided that I will try and read for 100 minutes this week and wondered if you might like to sponsor me. I know that not everybody likes sponsoring people so don’t worry if you would rather not.

Please note that this is all my idea and not the school’s… the school has not asked us to do anything like this.

What this really means is that I have to listen to “Suddenly the key began to glow” over and over again and pay for it!

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