The Cats of Povey House

A Poem by Arthur.

Beware the cats of the Povey household.

That is what every young mouse is told.

Speed of lightening, strength of thunder.

I’ll tell you why in case you wonder.

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Protected: I’m a Leprechaun – A Rap by Arthur Povey – Aged 10

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Poetry – Elke Povey (and Ingrid) Aged 7

If you want to catch a mouse

If you want to catch a mouse… in a big big house

All you need, is to put some cheese on your knees

And run away without the cheese

Trip, trap, trip, trap, along comes the mouse – in the big big house.

Along comes the mouse, in the big big house.

A Leopard Can….

A Leopard can jump jump jump, A Leopard can work work work

Just like us

You can jump, you can wash your hair

What! You can wash your hair… like Holly

She washed her hair and she got a big blob of soap on her head

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With a view to getting better

With a view to making myself healthy after the recent gum incident, and with increased pressure from Mrs C and Dr C, last night, having completed the godforsaken tax self-declaration, I decided to get fit….. I donned joggies, sweat-top and trainers (for the first time in years) and set off into the dark to post it at the post box…. which is about 400 yards away.

The first step went well, and the second, and the third…. the fourth went into a pot-hole… and I went full length… I crawled back to the house and in through the front door to be greeted by a hysterical Clare. The ankle swelled up quite nicely…. and I was in pain….. obviously this lead to yet another nocturnal outing to A&E….. Mr Bean, Mr Wisdom and Mr Spencer would be very proud.

I have damaged my peroneus “longus and brevis” tendons

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Protected: Amazon – A Poem By Arthur Povey – Aged 10

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Teeth, Petrol, Tesco, Barclays, The RAC and the NHS

It is 5.52 am on Sunday morning, and I am sitting here – still in agony with my teeth (or lack of). I thought I would record the night’s activities (and the lead up) so I can tell Clare when she wakes up in the morning and wonders where I am… I am in too much pain to go to bed anyway…. and quite like the idea of blogging it. Continue reading

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The baby Muntjac is beginning to grow up

The deer come back each night to eat the half ton of fruit Clare delivers to the garden straight from the shelves of Morrisons.

Here are mummy and baby deer sharing some nuts and apples. I am only about 10 feet away when taking this picture.

And here is baby – now brave enough to come and eat without mummy next to her. Baby has now lost her speckled appearance, but is still quite small.

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